Privacy Policy

Use and Disclosure of Information

We understand the importance of your privacy. We protect your privacy by following the guidlines below.


1. The company selects a manager for handling our customer privacy information. We will train and educate the manager to safely handle your privacy information.


2. We notify customers the reason to correct privacy information and also notify in advance when we use the privacy information.


3. We don’t share your privacy information with any third parties except in the case as below,
⁃ Customer agrees to share the information.
⁃ Customer wants service from a third party and the customer requests and agrees to provide the privacy information.


4. We make a privacy contract with the third party to make sure the customer privacy information is protected as secure as under our company’s privacy policy.


5. We will be updating our privacy policy to follow the most latest Japanese government guidelines and law.



Access Log and Browsing History


We record user information as an access log. The access log includes information such as domain name, IP address, type of browser, and access date. This information usually doesn’t include information specific to the user. The access log will be used for our company’s statistic analysis as well as website management, but it won’t be used for any other purpose.


In the case customer privacy information was registered and used our services, the privacy information may appear with the customer’s view history, but the information will be securely used as customer’s privacy information. We notify the customer each time when we use the information to provide the best service.


We use customer information when
⁃ Responding to a customer’s inquiry
⁃ Registering//updating customer’s privacy information in our contact list
⁃ Creating a statistical document without specifying each customer’s privacy information.